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In ancient Egypt, around 3400 B.C. hieroglyphs were used. By 2000 B.C. alphabets were evolved. An evolution of alphabets and process of gaining knowledge slowly started to take shape. It was no longer a monopoly of the priests or the upper caste. Common mass started demanding and establishing their rights in different societies and civilizations – that they have equal right to learn, gain knowledge and earn from it.

Tablets, parchments, scrolls, papyrus, papers, electronic, digital, internet and so on. Knowledge has empowered us to be skilled and act with confidence. Suddenly in 2020, COVID – 19 challenged the status quo. Offices from Home, Classes from Home, Businesses from Home, Music from Home etc. barged into our homes unceremoniously.

Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed

Traditional job market is history. Marketing, sales, branding, supply chain, way of servicing and manufacturing of products all have changed. Way of starting a business has changed – so the requirements of competencies and skills. We have no choice but rethink, reskill and rebuild ourselves. Soft skills, functional skills, EI etc. all require to be reformatted with latest technology in mind.
Which brings us to ABCDE – American Bangladesh Center for Development Excellence –a one stop solution hub looking into the whole chain of events in a holistic manner. In today’s world, no competence will help us, if we cannot breathe. A healthy person with fresh mind and spirit is always ready to take any challenges. “Fresh environment ignites spirit, revitalizes skills”

ABCDE is focusing on consultancy of businesses with green in mind; reusable energy, green project management, green start-ups, biodegradable products etc. It will consult on diversity and inclusivity in HR practices, language learning & cultural adaptation courses, preparations on IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, GED etc. advise on migration related issues, admission in universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and so on. One of the unique opportunities that ABCDE is offering to HR professionals as well as any interested persons to learn on-hand about the patented formula titled R3 = Rakib’s Recruitment Rule -the true scientific approach in interviewing and selecting.
ABCDE believes – everyone got talents. Needs right nurturing, mentoring and coaching by right mentor at the right time. A dynamic learning and development process keeps an organization creative and live. ABCDE will be the true partner in the path of L&D.

With five Ps – Purpose, People, Power, Performance, Profit, ABCDE is stepping ahead of time to make a difference using the power of Human Capital.

In conclusion, we need fresh air to breathe, fresh mind to think – natural outcome is performance with perfection and creativity into infinity. Let ABCDE be your only partner in 5Ps

Focus on your Vision & let us fix Wings on its back.