Morjina Ahmed      

Ms. Morjina Ahmed was born in Narayanganj, Dhaka. She lost her eye sight due to Small Pox when she was three years old. She started her schooling at Baptist Blind School, Mirpur, Dhaka. Then she attended Badrunnesa Mohila College. For higher studies she went to the University of Dhaka majoring in Philosophy and completed her Honors in 2001 and Masters in 2003.
A typically visually challenged person in a society like ours faces a lot of challenges in schools, jobs, businesses, society at large, etc. Ms. Ahmed was no exception to that. There were not enough books or materials to study for the visually challenged people. She faced challenges attending classes, copying lectures, taking notes etc. Though her teachers were very cooperative yet there was one big problem, the teachers used to give out notes to the students orally and the students had to write it down, in this case all the students used to finish writing faster than her because she used to write in Braille. Then she requested the teacher that she would rather take notes after class than slowing down the ongoing class. Some friends used to help her in these matters, but not all. She still remembers them very much and is grateful to them.

Since then she decided that she wouldn’t do any jobs but she would do something of her own that would also help others. She consulted with some of her good friends and they agreed to form an institution called “Disable Welfare Society” formed in 2005. She has been running this NGO from 2005 in Mohammadpur, Shekhertek (Road no: 3, House no: 39). Here, she formed another wing of it called “Inclusive”, where disable and non-disable children who are financially struggling for education are given scopes to study. At the moment they got 20 children in this wing who are being given the pre-primary education. They provide many things including Braille books to the children. In addition to being the founder of the organization she is the Executive Director of it. It has a Board for policy guidelines and compliance matters.  

She has been running this institution with a very tight budget and also have not received any big form of help from any private institutions or govt. sources. She has a dream to upgrade the level of education up to at least 5th grade. She is under constant stress how to procure more Braille papers and buy printers. To keep Braille machines cool ACs are very much necessary, but the school doesn’t have any. She even needs more space for her institution. The building is also rented.It is refreshing to know that some students by this time have graduated from universities and looking for jobs. 

Ms. Morjina Ahmed is a very environment conscious person and thus recently has received a trade license under the trade name of “Blue Oceans” which is selling only Jute made products such as ladies purse, decoration items etc. at the moment.  

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