Tana Hensley

Mrs. Tana Hensley has a BA degree in Education and has been involved in adult education for over 40 years. After completing her Degree at Morehead State University, Mrs. Hensley taught high school, before beginning a lengthy career in state government where she completed quality reviews over the work of 42 tax auditors. She frequently conducted training sessions for Tax Auditing and use of the state’s Tax software system. She also supervised the adjudication of Unemployment Insurance claims and trained Disputed Claims Investigators in best practices and meeting State and Federal standards of quality adjudication. After retiring from the State of Kentucky, she joined a software firm, writing specifications for software that detects fraud in Unemployment claims, with an emphasis in cyber- attacks by foreign and domestic organized crime. She wrote the specifications, tested the software and travelled all over the USA to train others how to use the software tool.

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