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One Stop People


Profit Solution Center


We at ABCDE believe, empowered peoples’ performance deliver profit. Working as one team and getting blended with organization’s stakeholders’ aspirations, lead its human capital to utilize in its best form to serve the interest of the company. By creating and developing a human resources model specific to the organizations’ requirements, be public or private such as Governmental bodies/agencies, Semi-Governmental, Non-Governmental, Defense, Civil, Profitable, Non-Profitable etc. ABCDE is the answer –

“One Stop People and Profit Solution Center”

Advising companies on a wide range of issues involving its workforce like consulting in Job Placement, Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, Re-structuring, Re-skilling, Salary Survey, ISO Certifications, 4th Industrial Revolution, Green Certification, AI, Training and so on. We work to ensure that the company is effectively using its personnel to gain its stated goals, while ensuring the workforce is operating at the World Class level of productivity.
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           Who we are and what we believe in


ABCDE brings together a group of highly qualified global experts in respective fields from the USA, Bangladesh, the UK, the UAE, Italy, Canada, Australia etc. All of them are in agreement that rapid advancement in technology within last few decades has created a serious vacuum and been left unattended in the development of proper human attitude. The process of grooming proper humans and making them into efficient, sustainable resources are the prime needs of our time. The gap analysis has identified the deficiency.

Now at ABCDE, it is our duty to address the rooms of development with appropriate set of programs which will provide organizations human resources with adequate knowledge, required skill sets (both soft and technical), and most importantly right attitude. Our values ensure ethical leadership development, team building, and training activities which are all well connected with measurable results. 


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Why you need us?

Nowadays world business environment is more competitive and dynamic than ever. Ever changing technology vs. skill gap has placed top management in a very tight spot.

Boardroom directive is: get, set and go. ABCDE puts all understandings together to penetrate the system into your company with its highly professional relevant findings, insights to make you perform, fly over the new normal business domain you have never experienced before.

Our open, wide and condor business management consultancy window offers strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services, which assist a company in improving empowered personnel, their efficiency and performance.


Major areas we provide services in

  • On-line Job Portal : International and Local Job placements/Headhunting/Recruitment,Personality Indicator Test, Psychometric Test etc.

  • Consultancy : Feasibility Study, Proposal Development, Project Management, Process Reengineering and Business Remodeling, Start-ups, Organizational Restructuring, Corporate Legal Matters, Aviation Management and Aircraft Maintenance, Change Management, Organizational Development, Employee Satisfaction Survay,  Salary Survey, Third-Party Staff Solutions, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, Labour Law etc. 

  • Green Certification : Zero Carbon Solution, Waste Disposal Method, Recycled Energy Management, ECO Friendly Products, Biodegradable Products etc. 

  • Industrial Certifications :  ISO

  • IT : Data Analytics, App Development, ERP Solution, Server and Network Solution, E-wallet, Blockchain Technology.

  • Admission Tests :   IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, GED

  • Language Learning & Training for Cultural Adaptation : Arabic,  Bangla, Business English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Spanish etc.

  • Training : HR, Finance & Accounts, Marketing, Sales, Labor Acts, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Relations, TAX/VAT, Hospitality/Tourism, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Call Center, Health Administration /Management, Agro/Poultry/Farming/Fisheries etc.

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         Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Australia and Italy.
We know that most unique characteristics of an eagle are its concentration on target and speed.

Let us fix the Wings on your Eagle’s back and it will Fly with the Speed you have never seen before!